Suffocate and drown

Runoilija Feuer

Liittynyt: 23.12.2008

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The night is dark
And I'm tired
Join me on this
longest of journeys

Watch every step
Since a lethal kiss
could hide under any stone
in this forest of love and doom

Storm is rising
We might not see
another morning rising
Are we lost?

After all our efforts
We've been caught
Farewell, my friend
It is my time now

I feel myself rising
But see no candle
at the end of a tunnel
No, there is only flooding tide

I am drowning
in a sea of lost souls
Darkness fills my eyes
and my lungs fill with tears
Tears shed for
the days I could had
the days we could had

Now there's nothing
Only silence and emptiness
Until someone opens the lid
and drains my coffin dry

Ihme angstia taas. Viimeinen säkeistö on muuten tribuutti eräälle parhaista kuolemiskohtauksista joita olen ikinä lukenut :P

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