Annihilation of Race II (Kauf Nicht Beim Juden)

Runoilija Sliver

Liittynyt: 19.11.2005
Viimeksi paikalla: 12.9.2015 19:27

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Bleeding hands reaching out for help,
I must remain cold to handle myself,
I'm just a soldier following my orders,
but how can I get away with such horrific murders?

So many women, so many children,
can't believe they told me to kill them,
to put a bullet right between their eyes,
step by step a whole generation dies.

Can't believe that was my neighbor,
all he asked me was just a little favor,
"make it quick or please save my life",
I killed him including his wife.

I lay awake and think what I have done,
so many souls it just has to be wrong,
so many times I've felt like suicide,
but there's nothing I can do to stop the genocide.

"Kauf nicht beim Juden!",
orders are I have to shoot them.

Holokausti, toisesta näkökulmasta, samasta muotista.<br /> I know this has to be wrong...<br /> therefore this song.<br />


Vau, prkln hienoa tekstiä ja vielä ameriikaks!

Vau. Tämä on todella vaikuttava, pidin tuosta aiemmastakin mutta tämä.. vau.


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