Annihilation of Race (Arbeit Macht Frei)

Runoilija Sliver

Liittynyt: 19.11.2005
Viimeksi paikalla: 12.9.2015 19:27

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Hungry eyes staring behind the bars,
a wretched soul, mind filled with scars,
not alone, puking and shaking in fear,
thousands more, and no one sheds a tear.

The punishment was made for all of us to face,
no chance to flee, annihilation of a race,
men or women, the children were the same,
in their eyes we were just a game.

Are they stupid or really really clever?
I know my mind will be scarred forever,
Come what may, I'll still have my past
when I was free, but it's fading fast.

Maybe there's a day when we receive some right,
justice is what for I'm willing to fight,
but the journey seems to be so long,
I might not be here when the sun has gone...

"Arbeit macht frei!"
But I rather die...

Holokausti. <br /> I have never felt so hated,<br /> I felt... discriminated...


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