Discovering a loved one

Runoilija Kazutaka

Liittynyt: 7.2.2008

Asuinpaikka: -

Sweeter than jam, hotter than blood

You spoke with strong words about your ideals
”So different and bizarre”, my thoughts ran
I decided to get a step closer

You declared you disliked the norm and the mediocre
You said you were above all that

But did you know
I wanted to see deeper and unveil

You were embarassed of showing your imagination
Sensual lines, beautiful faces,
I coloured it with tender heart

You told me about the world in your mind
And i knew that you're a dreamer in solitude

But did you know
I wanted to peek into that dream

Your fingers dance on the strings of your quitar
The fast rythm sounds wonderful
I stutter my astonishment.

You wanted to show me how you played
The colours of your heart

But did you know
It still echoes in my chest

You stole my pen yesterday
It was pretty and rainbow coloured
I loved that pen.

You asked if you could borrow it
And never gave it back.

But do you know
That you've also stolen my heart?


Tiedät kyllä mitä tarkoitan.

. . . Kaikille jotka tietää mitä on löytää ystävä oudosta kuoresta. Ja kaikille jotka on löydetty. Love conquers.

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