Runoilija Tearless

Liittynyt: 8.3.2004

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I'm tearless 'cause there are no more tears to cry. Now there is only the pain.

Jack blew some smoke of the cigarette out of his mouth as he watched the boy in front of him. “About 22...”, he thought. Usually he would’ve known the boys age precisely, but this one was too careful.
The boy was still unconscious. “For how long”, Jack kept wondering. It had been about 20 minutes already and he still didn’t show any signs of waking up. Blood was spilled all over the boys clothing and his cheeks were bruised. His nose had been bleeding earlier, Jack could tell, but apparently the bleeding had stopped a while ago.

As Mort regained his consciousness he realized he actually didn’t want to.
A piercing pain seized his body and stunned him for an instant. The memories of the past day flowed into his mind... : First he had ran for a few hours away from several blokes that were after him and suddenly this guy called Jack had appeared in front of him from nowhere. He had knocked Mort out effortlessly and the next time Mort had opened his eyes the he had been in the very room he was at the moment. His hands had been tied tightly behind his back with some kind of wire or something of the like and his legs were tied to the chair he was sitting on. After a few words of indefinite chatter about Jack’s existence the guy had started beating Mort and briefly, Mort had lost his consciousness.

Now Jack stood up as he saw Mort’s eyes wide open.
“So you’re finally awake Morty-boy?”, he made a crack at Mort’s face.
“Well I can tell” Mort answered. “Not that I’m happy about it”, he soon continued.
Jack looked at him for a while and replied “Well I am, ‘cause we have a lot to discuss.”
“So this is what you call a discussion?” Mort asked without leaving any questions about the irony in his voice.
Jack laughed. “Sorry about that. I’m not that violent usually, but you already knew that, didn’t you?”
Mort knew. He didn’t know why he knew, and the thought kept running away from his mind so he just decided to leave it be and made a brief nod.
Jack saw this and continued “No, I did it only because it was necessary for my existence.”
“Now what the fuck is all this talk about your “existence”?” Mort asked, getting a bit irritated now.
“Well you should know.” Jack said.
“What?” Mort now kept staring at Jack and it was clear he had no idea what was going on at all.
Jack watched into his eyes for a moment and then started talking.
“So you haven’t got it by now...well I’ll explain it.” Throwing away what was left of his cigarette Jack carried on. “Think about this Mort: I’ am an agent of the government or whatever you want to call it and you... you are just an ordinary guy – well just as ordinary as a lunatic can be... anyways... - and yet you know all there really is to know about me. How can that be?”
Mort’s eyes were focused on Jack as he listened and thought about the words pouring out from the mouth of his captor, and he realized the truth behind them.
“How can this be?” He mumbled.
“Can’t you already see it?” Jack almost yelled.
Suddenly he lowered his voice to a faint whisper, but the words he said still came to Mort’s knowledge roaring like gunfire. “You made me.”
In all impossibility, the words made sense.
“So what am I a fucking psycho?...this can’t be.. this is just a fucking sick joke.” Mort said trying to avoid the truth that already illuminated him.
“Well what the heck can you expect? I mean you have all these freaking conspiracy theories in your head and these guys like me, that don’t even really exist are after you.” Jack stared at Mort with a plain smile on his face without a single bit of joy in it.
There was a long silence between the two, and after a while, Mort broke the silence.
“Shit. So you beat me unconscious just to make me believe in you more than I already did?”
“But now that you have told me that you aren’t are you still here?” Mort had already been confused, but this was going way over.
“Well that’s easy.” Said Jack. “It’s ‘cause you still believe that I’m real. You see, after you explain a fact to a man, it’s his job to figure out whether it’s true or false. Now I can see that you still think I’m real so I guess you’re going to be a wacko for a while longer and that really means that I have to stay around ‘cause now that you believe in me I really have no other choise.”

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