aching day

Runoilija TwistedRisto

Liittynyt: 6.9.2003

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envy is a virtue if it makes you exceed yourself

sometimes in the evening, whem i'm alone, waiting for the night.
i shiver, for not of cold, of a pain, it squeezes so tight.
longing for the lost piece of this puzzle, the last one to make it right.
looking for it, desporately, like a blindman, without his sence of sight.
sorrow is coming, slowly, but still, i wont give in without a fight.
it starts to rain, salty drops on my cheeck, cause you wont hold my hand tonight.

heart in a race, feel like dying, trying to survive this aching day.
the relief of crying, taking its purpose, making trough its way.
its taking its time, drying my eyes, putting my hand on my heart to lay.
you the key, for here to come, to unlock this lock that's what i pray.
like a fool i stare, to the horizon with despair, knowing it isn't today.
when the carrier pigeon, with the message of love, will set me free for that day,
eternetiny would i wait, the whispers from your lips, the magic words you say.
like in my dreams, you always say, "your soul is free, i'm here to stay."

haljasta vitutusta....


En yleensä koskaan lue englanninkielisiä runoja, koska en usko siihen, että ymmärtäisin.

Aloitin lukemaan tätä enkä voinut lopettaa.
Ymmärsin joka sanan
ja ihastuin tähän <:

so sad, but beautiful.tragical.well written.


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