slave of society

Runoilija TwistedRisto

Liittynyt: 6.9.2003

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envy is a virtue if it makes you exceed yourself

tortutered spirit trapped into this body.
prisoner of this unchangeable destiny.
every minute is an infernal crime,
for a living slave, who's running out of time.

a slave, that's what i am..

whipped by this society, scarred by imortal dream.
the fear in my heart, grows with full steam.
i can't touch the wind, i can't taste the rain.
without my passion, i only feel pain.

slave of this society, that's what i am..

free will from my father, stolen by this infinite fate.
trying to whisper, last words to be said:
"instead of a slave of this society,
of this world, i'd rather be dead.."



Well written, the mood is confusing and sad but still hopefull.
Eventhough it´s tough, but still somehow safe to feel that destiny is unchangable, though it isn´t in every way.
I feel like this was written by a certain person I know.Melanholic.I liked.

Tää on ihan kiva mut miksi sun lauseet ei ala isolla kirjaimella? Kyl tästä tunne paistaa läpi mut toi vähän häiritsee...


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