from nightmare to anohter

Runoilija TwistedRisto

Liittynyt: 6.9.2003
Viimeksi paikalla: 22.9.2021 3:54

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envy is a virtue if it makes you exceed yourself

i'm lost in my makebelieve,
in the wilderness of my fantasies.
the rotten roots of my believes,
in the wind with the ashes of my spine.

i've been wavering on my path, so innocent, so guilty.
i can hear the shell falling down behind me.
the night is falling down quickly.
as i recognize my true enemy.

burned by fire, drowned by water.
rather than murdered by love.
trying to confess that i doesn't matter.
and yet the purpose of my life is gone.

a bright light stikes with a bit of a relief,
between the worlds i'm still hanging.
suddenly again i realize my defeat,
this is the true nightmare, where my soul dying.


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