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Elämme vain kerran.

In a world where the only colours are black and grey, no one could find the shades between. Depression was constant and nobody smiled. Tears were long ago forgotten, no more rivers were cried.
What was the question? I can't seem to remember. It doesn't matter anyway. I guess it's not that bleak, maybe they're happy. I really don't care one way or other.
I trusted him. To never ignore me. To never betray me. To love me and respect me. I needed him by my side and to stand for me when I couldn't. I took the chance and it seems that the trust is being shattered. I don't trust him to protect me. At least not against the bitter words. I know he would take any blow for me, but he won't protect me from insults. Shies away and tries to ignore all the word.
Just something to show around, hold him by my side and cuddle on the lonely nights. Otherwise I'm just a shadow to be ignored. Somewhere hiding behind his broad shoulders.
I'm just there, invisible, wondering why he can't stand up for me. Why he won't protect me, correct all the wrong words spoken of me.
If I'm just quiet and let things be, will I get ovet it? Will things be better or will this sadness only deepen.
This is not life. At least not mine.
I wish all of this to be over.


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