God is a Girl

Runoilija Nickya

Liittynyt: 11.6.2009

Asuinpaikka: -


*Freedom is a/war a/gainst in this world they/killing so
many peop/le

Now you/know why/we are/so/mad those/people who/kill/
and you said you/needed me to/pray those/children whos/
mothers/dying all a/lone
now they/are with/us to/pray/can´t you/see god is a/girl/


Now you a/fraid to re/venge on this/war we/won´t gonna/
lose those child/ren/
you screamed to the/god to/help us to/win we/needed
you/too go to/hell/
now they/are with/us to/pray/now you/see god is a/girl/


You didn´t/know i/am so/old now/you said/no no i have
you asked/me how/old i would/be i/say to/you two
you look at/me so/long and/wierd you/say to/me god
is a/girl/


Then you/say to/me a/gain you/have to/be god him/self/
so why don´t/you save/those people/too/why you let/
them be a/dead/
you have to/know it´s/their time to/go i/ have for/plans
they knows/that/


We have to/save those/children a/way i/know why you/
don´t believen/me/
you think/i´m so/young to be a/god then/you have to/go
see my/father/
now they/are with/us to/pray/now you/know god is a/girl/
god is a/girl/ god is a/girl/ god is a/girl


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