It's a promise

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Liittynyt: 24.2.2008

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I'm standing on the edge,
Ready jump. I'm about to move, when I hear your call.
I turn I see you. You tell me that there's only me and you. Not only me. Not only you.
You tell me that it's my choice if we jump or if we go back.

"What if I stay here?", I ask quietly looking down, "It's too long way down. Too long way back." You sit next to me and say calmly, "Let's hope the weather is good."
I shake my head, "One of us gotta go sometime."
"So I would wait till you would jump or go back with me."
"What if I'll stay here for eternity?"
"Then I would be so pissed off of not taking raincoat with me. Eternity is long time."

I ask you that what if someone else needs you while you're with me.
You just smiled that you would text them and say it's too long way back down.

"Fine, I'll come with you. But then you have to go to your friend."
"I won't go 'till I know you will go sleep with smile on your lips for once."
"If I promised to you?"
"Mm'm. If I could come in the morning and make sure that you're still there."
"I would leave the door unlocked for you."
"And I would come right when I could. That night or morning. And if I couldn't make it I would text you."
"No wouldn't. Your mobile balance is full", I smile.
"That's very possible", you grin.
"No problem. That's why I'm here."

I promise that somebay I'll be able to tell you this all face to face. But it might take time. It might me longer eternity than the last one. You said you could wait. As long as I wouldn't chase you away. I promised that. And made you sure that the promise works other way too. When I break down, you'll break down with me.

"It's a promise."

I can't stop crying. Smile dances across my lips and my eyes can't stop weeping. But the first time I think that it doesn't matter.

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