letter to you.

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Liittynyt: 6.8.2007

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Like I said, disappearances happen. Pains go phantom... Blood stops running and people, people fade away... There's more I have to say, so much more, but... I disappeared... - Meredith Grey

I wrote you a letter. I wrote of my own repressed feelings, that comes up every time i see you.
I feel my heart beating faster and my pulse raising, every time I see your smooth skin, and the perfect figure of your body.

When our gazes collide, I can't see anything but your red lips and densy eyelashes. I can see everything from you. I read myself from you. Deep inside of me, I taste your sweet pain, against my salty skin.

I've touched the scars in your hands. I've kissed your pain away and healed your wounds one at the time. I've healed you, with the blood of my heart. Alone, and quietly.

I've traveled away, but I'll always come back. It's too hard for me to leave you. I love the way you tell me, that you love the morning fog in the backyard. You always ran out to dance in the middle of the fog. And when the sky raptured to rain and you laughed my heart full of happiness and joy.
I wanted so much tell you, how much you mean to me, but every time, I opened my mouth, you came near to me and kissed me. I pour my soul to your throat and let you to suck me dry.

That morning, the sun rose and the fog vanished away, I heard a silent scream, that called your name. You disappeared out of sight. I didn't feel your skin or your continues breaths to my ear. I didn't see your lips or eyelashes anymore. But your kiss, it won't vanish away - it stays forever, like a tattoo on my lips. Where I am, you'll be too.

I wrote you a letter. I told everything - even the littlest mistake or feeling towards you. I never wanted you to fly away.

My heart wrote this for you with the pen, you gave me, before you left.


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