Live like its last day of your life.

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Liittynyt: 28.8.2012

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This story is for my love.

Story tells about girl and boy who were good friends, but this boy loved girl more than anything and wanted something more so he asked:"Can we have something more". Girl answered:"No because we are so good friends and if we broke up, we will maybe never be good friends again. Then boy were kinda sad and asked:"If you feel something against me be whit me, every day can be last day of our lives and then we might never see again. My mom ones said live every day like its your last". Girl thinked for second and said:"No, we have lots of time to love". Very next day boy died in car accident and everything was gone, no
friends anymore no nothing. So if u realy feel something againts someone, love them and be whit them, you never know when everything ends.
. A.J.J.N

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