heart turned into a five star meal

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Liittynyt: 18.12.2006

Asuinpaikka: -


Last night I dreamt
of doing all the bad things with you
And in the morning I felt like
my heart had been infected with a disease
And now I don't know anymore
what it is that I want
Wish I could tear my heart apart!

I want to remain good
Like I promised
Like I thought I'd always be
I wanna be wrong
and swallow up my pride
Once struggling in my purity,
now I'm dancing in my bed
with all the sins tonight

I can't understand
what you've done to me
When I lay my eyes on you
I want you to slam me against the wall
Fuck me,
fuck me hard

I've lost my soul,
lost myself to the demon calling
And I,
I'm not sorry


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