Runoilija Tearing the Veil from Grace

Liittynyt: 28.9.2006

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Yleensä Runot syntyvät hetken mielijohteista, sen hetken tunteista, tosin olen äärimmäisen ja turhauttavan usein melankolinen... nauttikaa runoista... ^^

On seventh of the eight, she left me pondering,
little girl, so shy began wondering.
Although age was below twelwe and above nine,
you couldn't lie to her, yet it was time.

She stared me with eyes black as raven,
look right through me, made me feel like a craven,
best of her, that's all i've ever wished for,
only now, i wish i could let this rot into my core.

Simplest of questions, as it may seem,
but why is it so hard to believe?
I love this little girl of mine, with all my heart,
if i just had the answer, that woudn't rip me apart.

"Why i always have to look the same, why can't i grow older?"
"I long for your warmth father, why your hands are turning colder?"

"Go now child, and have your youth and freedom,"
"For i shall die before you, and bitterness of death you would have to solder!"

"Evil words reaches me father, have i've not been child, caring and kind"

"I've reached the end of my days, i would've wanted to show you many more ways"
"It is my sentence, burden and toll. I'm sorry.. and happy, to have this kind of relationship, with a doll"


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