Runoilija Aylea

Liittynyt: 18.7.2006

Asuinpaikka: -


Dark dwells silently, luring to dominate all of me
Weakened and tearful, should I give in to it
Let it lead afar, to the sweet prison of oblivion

When every sight of the world reminds of you
I need an escape from the dark hole of my mind
For the pain never deserted me
Memories of the past still punishing me

Not years nor aeons can make leave behind
The feeling holding us together, hurting inside
I fear the only solution is the cold comfort of a grave
But so much emotion should never go waste

A reason to stop dreaming, hiding in the endless mist
All I see, a lifetime's burden carved in one lonely thought
Where to go without a guide, I've lost my will to see
For the only image I need is yet in my mind


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