Special Friend

Runoilija Joe Senone

Liittynyt: 25.6.2006
Viimeksi paikalla: 1.11.2015 22:36

Asuinpaikka: Oulu


I'm ok. I am okay. Ok?
Don't worry about it. It. It?

I can do this, whatever this is
Although all the wish that I miss
Is still floating like a long kiss
Like the other things I missed
Believe me, I'm not pissed
Had to adapt to the twist

I'm already alright within
Patched up by self stitching
Just a little flesh wound
Ready for action until the full moon
It's up to you what you and your heart do
My heart in fact is more or less intact

Baby we are only friends
It doesn't have to be intense
We don't have to be so tense
Running doesn't make no sense
Returning to our innocence
Guess it's innocent in a sense

Little friendly flirts do no damage
Now that I know how to manage
We can still have fun together
It is not a trapdoor lever

I care about you in more than one way
And even if one way goes away
Believe me when I say; I'll stay
You may still find it some day

We can be close friends, it's okay
I'm okay, for you I have no blame
I hope that you're ok, and hey
If you're not then that you'd say

No more looking for you for me
I'm looking for you for you
Looking what's in me for you
I'll be looking after you
Whatever you go through
But only if you want me to

However you bless me in the end
In any case I can be your friend
If you need a hand, I will lend
To me you are my special
So special
Special friend



Oi, mieletön! Aivan todella mieletön.

Miten hieno tämäkin on! lyö lujasti ja saisi varmaan itkemään, jos ei kääntämiseen kuluisi energiaaa...

Made me cry.
Such a pretty poem.


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