Proper when needed

Runoilija Sitruunapuuteri

Liittynyt: 4.3.2006

Asuinpaikka: -

Meikit kasvoilla, merkkifarkut jalassa, hyppimässä kuralätäkössä.

I know you can tell I'm a mess in the morning
At night hyperactive I swing without warning
just a little rebel, proper when needed
and maybe at my best when you happen to be around

It's so bizarre, the way I feel around you
You take me to the skies
- like I ate a hundred butterflies
and oh they start to fly whenever you smile
Oh, my girl

I haven't been the best I could, sorry that I hurt you babe
didn't know where I stood, and now you're so afraid
been through all shades of grey, the love story of decade
just don't let this fade

You're so confuced, what does this do to you
Falling from the heights
feels wrong and it feels right
And oh you start to fall - just don't fall apart
Oh, my girl.

Just let me apologize once more (( baby just give me a chance ))
Before you walk out that door (( I know this isn't easy for you ))
Darling we'll make it through (( Let's just take it slow, right? ))
Oh, it's true

Baby you're my North star, the brightest one of them all
You take me to the skies
it feels like million butterflies
and oh girl they start to fly whenever you smile
Oh, my love

Oh, my love


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