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Liittynyt: 19.6.2003
Viimeksi paikalla: 8.10.2023 14:51

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Hymy hymystä, kohteliaisuus kohteliaisuudesta ja kaunis sana kauniista sanasta. Joskus pitää vain itse sysätä alkuun hyvä päivä.

My only company is pain now
You've gone to the Rainbow Bridge
If there was anything I could do
I would have done it
Don't be afraid my love
The Rainbow Bridge is a good place for you
And you'll make many friends there
Until we see again
You're not gone, you're still in my heart
My life isn't the same
But I go through every day
I hope that you have everything ok there buddy
Because I know that you are my angel
And will watch over me

My friend's cat has died. I made this poem for her but it might be that she doesn't ever see this. Because this is sad and full of misery and pain.


A truly good poem.

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