The Gate

Runoilija Ammeeria

Liittynyt: 28.7.2008
Viimeksi paikalla: 26.12.2017 1:07

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I write because of one friend. All I have ever written is because of her.

It’s a curious thing,
Life never seemed to go this way
And now I see myself
Standing in front of the gate

Should I open it,
Walk through and see the source?
With the weight of the stress,
I’m right here, not moving on

I can’t walk through stone,
I can scratch it but see no more
When will I understand?
Life isn’t a clear old map

And now you think that
Wings will help you but…
What if you can’t get off the ground
Or come down, once you’ve reached the air

You could vanish
I’d understand,
We’re all in pieces but you’re a mess

So, who to follow, who’s in lead?
It’s a curious thing
I guess no one is

And now I see myself
Standing in front of the gate
Shall I open it and walk through
I don’t want to vanish, just like you


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