Runoilija Delusion

Liittynyt: 20.4.2005

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Unohda ja tule unohdetuksi.

"Love is like a flower, even the most beautiful one dies." T.Lindemann

He is a free spirit
still as strong and darling
as he was when I first met him
he was my total admiration.

What he doesn't know now
is that he smiles at me.

Passionately we have embraced
travelled to the future
for more than fifteen years

the best of two worlds now seperated
intentional or otherwise,

   I am devastated.  

Yesterday's promises
still drone in my ears
no distance between
a rapid touch
that seemed to last forever
did actually exist.

What I don't see now
is that he smiles at me.

In front of his acts
I am no longer blind
broken vows
made us become three
could not believe,

   Until he left a mark on me.   
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