Biblical II: The fall of Eve

Runoilija Lady Andromeda

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Kyyninen romantikko ja naiivi nihilisti. Autistinen hullu, erakko, misantrooppi & (yhteisön normeista) vapaa ajattelija. Dekadentti taivaanrannan maalari. 🦄 INFP persoonallisuus, joskin aika nyrjähtänyt sellainen 😂

Kirjoitan kaikenlaisia tekstejä ja runoja, sekalaista autofiktiota, puhdasta fantasiaa ja muuta, pidän tyylien yhdistämisestä. Haaveissa lapsuudesta asti ollut kirjojen kirjoittaminen, joka tuskin realisoituu kuin omaksi iloksi (yhden kokonaisen "pöytälaatikko" teoksen olen jo toteuttanut). 

Pahoittelen saamattomuuttani vastata kommentteihin, luen ne kyllä aina ja olen niistä kiitollinen!

David Bowie - Blackstar 🖤⭐🕯️🦄

In the villa of Ormen, in the villa of Ormen
Stands a solitary candle, ah ah, ah ah
In the centre of it all, in the centre of it all
Your eyes

On the day of execution, on the day of execution
Only women kneel and smile, ah ah, ah ah
At the center of it all, at the center of it all
Your eyes
Your eyes
Ah ah ah
Ah ah ah

In the villa of Ormen, in the villa of Ormen
Stands a solitary candle, ah-ah, ah-ah
At the center of it all, at the center of it all
Your eyes
Your eyes
Ah ah ah

Something happened on the day he died
Spirit rose a metre then stepped aside
Somebody else took his place, and bravely cried
(I'm a blackstar, I'm a blackstar)

How many times does an angel fall?
How many people lie instead of talking tall?
He trod on sacred ground, he cried loud into the crowd
(I'm a blackstar, I'm a blackstar, I'm not a gangster)

I can't answer why (I'm a blackstar)
Just go with me (I'm not a filmstar)
I'ma take you home (I'm a blackstar)
Take your passport and shoes (I'm not a popstar)
And your sedatives, boo (I'm a blackstar)
You're a flash in the pan (I'm not a marvel star)
I'm the great I Am (I'm a blackstar)

I'm a blackstar, way up, oh honey, I've got game
I see right, so wide, so open-hearted it's pain
I want eagles in my daydreams, diamonds in my eyes
(I'm a blackstar, I'm a blackstar)
On the sixth day of all the creation 
Elohim made a man out of the soil;
And a woman to be his perfect counterpart
To with whom to share his deepest hopes and desires
And not to be alone

Thou He dwelled in His throne celestial 
Wearing crown made of first light
And thought deep and all-seeing
The Lord was pleased in his own making
And He layed in rest after His greatest composition

He set them in the eastern garden of the sunrise
And named it Eden
Blessed with flourishing plants & friendly beasts
Four rivers flowing as it's veins never dry
And there was no sorrow, no death

They walked hand in hand, 
Naked below the shining stars with no fear
Eating fruits from the trees evergreen and bountifull
Enjoying their beautiful bodies made in their Creators image
And dwelling there in joy and bliss 

Only one thing was forbidden
For the fruits from the Tree of knowledge and good and bad were not meant for humankind to devour
But they were content and had no desire to violate against the Lord's will
And they thanked him for all the gifts plentiful

The time and turmoil of the world was banished from the garden of Eden
And the eons passed in delight most pure
But the human heart was easily tempted
The flowers of evil seeded in the holy soil

Eve was dancing by the river at dawn
Radiance of the rising sun like fire burning in her golden hair
Her movements lovely like of a deer in wilderness
In her nakedness she glanzed to the depths of the silent river
To the timeless mirror of sleeping forest
And she was pleased that Elohim made her beautiful
to gaze upon 
So the seed of vanity was planted in her heart of innocence

And as the days grew longer and her hair flowed down to her narrow waist like a river of gold
She wondered alone through the blessed lands
To it's uttermost corner where the Elohims Trees lied in their primordial grace 
The first one was The tree of knowledge and the good and bad 
Cloaked in the delicate mists of wonder
And it's sister was called The tree of life
Glowing in radiance of eternal light

There she stood alone, and mysterious desire dwelled in her heart while she gazed the first tree, mesmerized
And through the shimmering green leaves and branches, and starlight mists
She saw a shadow of a serpent
Like a thief by night
Veiled in darkness of shadows cast by rising sun 

And then the serpent lingered to sight
It's venomous dark green skin glowing only faintly
Then it glanzed Eve with it's yellow staring eyes 
And spoke with a tongue of honey:
"Oh, let me lay my lowly eyes on your grace, 
Daughter of the dawn" 

Eve was in awe, silent and amazed since the serpent was talking to her; 
Not a single beast or a bird she have ever met in the Garden hadn't been able to speak with words - 
Only with a song or a roar
"who are you?" Eve whispered to the serpent, "And how you can express your thought with words? I thought that Elohim's gift of speech was only ment for the men; not for the lesser beings." 

The serpent was now circling around a very large branch which fell heavy of all the juicy, red appless
"Are you sure?" asked the serpent, "for I have eaten from this tree, and it's red apple's gave to me these words on my tongue, not to speak about the hidden knowledge of this realm.
You ask who I am. I am as you see me, nothing more, nothing less." 

Eve was trembling slightly and lurking fear has layed it's nest close to her heart
The fear was small and miss-shapen but there it dwelled all the same 
She recalled the Lords words:  If thou shall eat from The tree of knowledge, then thou shall die" 
But the serpent had, or so it seemed to be, eaten from the forbidden tree, and the snake was unharmed
If not to say flourishing 
"Elohim denied the fruits from these trees from being eaten. He told us that anyone who would try to eat them would die in agony" 

And the serpent hissed silently, malevolently as if it was trying to laugh with it's twisted tongue
"Am I dead to you, my glorious lady?" it asked, "No, I am not. Elohim fooled you in this matter. He might be wise and strong, but even he lacks something. Something you and I, my beautiful friend, have deep within us. Imagination, dreams, desires. Wishes to unlock shut doors. Curiosity for the unknown. He knows all so He doesn't get too excited over these matters. He just dwells in His kingdom eons after eons to see out how his great composition becomes alive and breathing. And all this He has seen and dreamed for so long beforehand that anything comes as a surprise to him. It's lonely place on the top. And it must be like seeing the same dream over and over again, unchanged. "

Eve was hypnotized by the serpents words
They made a lot of sense to her
For the first time in her existence she began to question 
Her Creators purposes
She was naive and couldn't suspect that the snake could have an agenda of it's own
Even less she knew that the serpent truly was something even more venomous, as disguised

The serpent was smiling in his dark heart
As he sensed the effect of his words on Eve
"Why shouldn't you too eat from this Tree of knowledge, as the mother of all daughters, and pass the knowledge through the generations yet to come? Why should Elohim alone know all the heights and delights of this universe? You are after all made in His image. What kind of father denies freedom for knowledge from his children? "

This way the serpent spoke for a long time and it flattered Eve, her beauty and intellect
Eve was troubled as she was growing more and more tempted by the desire to eat those radiant red apples
But there was also a deep fear as that was the only forbidden act in the Garden - 
One limit set by Elohim 

But the temptation overcame her
And with cheeks red with passion she rised her hand
And took the apple from the forbidden tree;
The most rich in bloody red colour, 
With a scent inviting the lips to bite, 
Shining in the vivid light of the new day 
And she took a bite while the serpent watched in the shadows enjoying silently from this vision of doom

The taste of an apple was sweet like wine
And Eve felt it's effect in her whole body like a river of lightning flowing through her veins
She trembled as the sky darkened and the shadow of faith was cast upon her flesh, dimming the rising sun
Far and wide she heard a distant scream echoing from the hills and mountains
And the nature was silent, without a single bird singing

Eve was laying on the ground, morning dew glimmering on her sweaty, naked skin
She was chilling in coldness, but there was some curious heat inside of her, warming her paralyzed limbs
The heat arose all the way from the tips of her toes to her blushing cheeks and she couldn't name that feeling since it was new and strange

She wanted to touch herself down below where on the mound of Venus the pale golden, curly hair was illuminated by the fiery light of dawn
and so she did
And she felt the restless oceans dwelling in her
Dripping on her fingertips like sweetest nectar from a blooming orchid
And she felt like she was dying to thirst
In the midst of waves

She rose up and started to run, run, run
She ran like a deer escaping from the pack of wolves
Through the mists of morning 
And she heard in her ears the rising thunder echoing in the distance, gathering celestial forces
And the drums of the earth were pounding deep within the blackened ground

At last she arrived at Adams dwelling, 
And she awoken the sleeping man
Adam was stunned by the beauty of Eve 
Cloaked only in the mists of dawn and dripping sweat 
And they made many plays of love
Inspired by Eve's awoken lust
And Adam was comfused but enjoyed the beauty
Of her wife and her cries of overwhelming passion
Because he loved her

When they finally stopped their plays
Eve was laying in complete bliss on the ground her legs spread, grasping breath through her moist lips
Adam was watching her in awe and his curiosity was growing inside like a flame or hunger
Then Eve told him everything that had come to pass;
Encounter with the serpent and their conversations 
And the Tree of Knowledge and it's mysterious fruits

Adam was furious and his anger gathered around him like black cloud of storm
He realized that Eve had violated against Elohim's command, the only thing forbidden to men
But deep within his heart, under his wrath, 
He still loved Eve and he knew that this doom was for both of them

So they walked in silence back to where the trees lied, 
And Eve gave an apple to Adam
And Adam took a bite while the earth trembled below his feet, feeling the wrath of God the same time as the wonders of forbidden knowledge flowed through him
And he turned his back to past, to the trees and to Elohim, and took Eve's transparent pale hand on his own
And they were one

Then they ran to the shadows of the nearest forest and made love as equals in sin
Like pagan sprites delighting like wild animals of the woods
And their hunger for pleasure was like a river flowing eternally
But when they finally ended their play of lust
They were fearfull in the wilderness, 
Naked under the bright light of day 
Like never before 
And they took big leaves from the trees and covered their most private parts

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