Cold comfort

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Liittynyt: 5.6.2004
Viimeksi paikalla: 9.3.2021 19:52

Asuinpaikka: Salla

a mind is like a parachute.
it doesn`t work, if it´s not open.


eeeh, where am I ?
what is this?


my name is mud, pthyi


Give me your disease and I´ll be pleased to die for you. Gimme something I don´t need and soon enough you want it too. Show me something scary, I see your fear showing around the edges.Show me the point of no return and I show you the smoke of burning bridges. It´s enuff if I survive, living thro this lie. Facts no longer relative, positive is negative. Show me your virtues and I´ll thank you from the bottom of my heart. Send me hopes, real words to be spoken and you show who you really are. Show me reality, I show you the shadow. Show me the light, I show you the fire ever burning. It´s lucky enuff if we both survive, living thro this crime. It will turn you on, or turn on you, it´s up to you to decide... Show me true love, I show you myself and act like I care. Show me the mercy from god, I show you fate´s not fair. Tell me ´bout shangri-la for all of us, I show you sum news on TV. Send me comfort, the real food of soul, while we watch the children starving...It´s a miracle if we all survive, living thro this dying. Back and forth, it´s a cold comfort...


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