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Liittynyt: 5.6.2004
Viimeksi paikalla: 6.7.2022 13:13

Asuinpaikka: Salla

a mind is like a parachute.
it doesn`t work, if it´s not open.


eeeh, where am I ?
what is this?


my name is mud, pthyi


I´m the blind who leads you in darkness, to reach the point of a light; I´ll teach you to open your eyes and walk with me in the night. And after the dawn you´ll come to me, you run and you hide and there it´ll be, waiting for you waiting for me, our secret place our sanctuary... I´m the deaf that hears what you´re saying, to listen the words of the real; In anecdotes you serve I can hear the truth, you´re the one with no words you could deal. And after the laugh you can´t walk away,too tired of the jokes for the role you play, but they´ll never see a tear in your eye, a jester of words is the last one to cry... I´m the mute who sings you a lovesong, an unending theme on the wall; With trembling lips and tattered tongue, I´ll sing to say you it all. And after that song you´ll writhe on the floor, knocked out by the tune but wanting much more, your eyes burnt blind you reach for the goal, for your bleeding heart and tornaway soul... I´m the lame to dance all around you, broken legs but unbroken charm; Your devotee with kind permission to swing you within my arms. And after the dance you can´t trust your feet, too far of the ground aware of your pique,sitting there and thinking too scared to talk, for you planned straight run not perimeter walk...


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