That one word

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Liittynyt: 17.10.2010

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It's in your eyes, a colour fade out, Looks like a new transition. The starting up and shaking your ground, Turning your head to see a new day calling. Does it feel like a head to lean on? A snapshot from when you were born. I'm looking for your hand in the rough, You're caught in the wire... Well I'll lift you out.

I feel it
Your eyes
Against my back
Almost all the time
I know
You're looking at me
Waiting for me
To say I want to be
With you
Waiting for
That one word

We both were wrong
Thought, we have to be alone
That's not the way it should be
I look in your eyes and see
This whole world
Much clearer

Waiting on street
On midnight
Hearing a small beep
It's you who's calling
Asking, praying
Saying "it's you I'm loving
You said
"Take my hand"
And I said
"I undestand"
"I'll love and defend"

So this is where
Our own path
Will begin
I'm always here
Hope you know that
I won't give in

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