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Liittynyt: 25.2.2012

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I know we have known each other only for a while
Yet I've never seen anything as beautiful as your smile
And your beauty isn't all that makes me fall for you
There is something alluring in everything you do
From the simple things like the way you laugh
To all the good values and morals you have
And the fact that you make me stay up all night
Dreaming for that one chance to treat you right

I might be feel like a friend to you
But thats the base for anything true
I really want you know that its not all I feel
'Cause my emotions are deep and very real
I've kept them hidden mayby for way too long
but I hope you don't hold it against me as wrong
Because I just were afraid to make a mistake
And now I really hope this aint way too late
Because you're the only girl I'd want to date

(c) 2011

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