Behind the mask

Runoilija Ri

Liittynyt: 13.9.2007
Viimeksi paikalla: 11.9.2016 19:07

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Going full speed when I run into your eyes.
They stop me, suck me in, freeze everything.
In that moment I loose my mind, I'm one with the skies.
The fact that it's crazy and wrong means nothing.

That bittersweet time when we come together
is pleasure and pain, ecstasy and gore.
I need to be bad, to be raw, a scarlet letter.
Every cell in my body wants closer, screams more.

Times of fun and games should already be gone,
cos we're never willing to pay the price.
Get dressed to play your part, put the mask on.
It starts again, the mask doesn't cover your eyes.



Pleasantly different..

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