10th June

Runoilija MayuChan

Liittynyt: 17.1.2011

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We are angels with only one wing, and we can fly by embracing eachother.

It´s almost that day again.
The day you torn me into pieces.
The day you brutally used me.
The day I became an empty shell.

Did you think twice before acting?
Did you even wonder how I would feel?
Did you enjoy hurting me so much?

Was my face so fun to hit?
Was my struggling and screaming so exciting to you?
Was my feelings worthless?

Do you understand word "no"?
Do you ever stop and think of what you´ve done?
Do you think I was pathetic?

Those nightmares that keep on haunting me.
Those silent screams inside my head.
Those lonely tears falling down my chin.

It´s almost been a year now.
I´m still not over it.
I´m still crying out for the reason why.
I´m still shattered inside.

Do you even feel regret?
Do you even remember?
Do you even care?

I remember the pain.
I remember the blood.
I remember the tears.

I remember.

10th June 2010 I hope you fucking burn in the flames of hell.

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