Fools Gold

Runoilija Jay

Liittynyt: 30.4.2007

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(-tai Agape)

-Jos et tiedä mikä on tämän Kreikan kielen sanan merkitys niin suosittelen ottamaan selvää.

Jos ymmärrät tuon sanan syvimmän merkityksen ja sisäistät sen olemuksen niin se saattaa olla tärkein asia minkä voit oppia elämäsi aikana..

Rakastava ja rehellinen sydän on AINA oikeassa - sillä se elää TÄSSÄ hetkessä.

Human emotions, example:

Love (crush, or "to crush").


"Short time pleasures:"


A short moment of comfort
A brief moment of joy..
witch often follows a sorrow
deeper then moment of cheer,
darker then moment of joy

of that witch came from misleading,
of humans own selfish mind
Antonymicly abbreviating:

selfishly searching,
not caring for anothers psyche
just seeking one's short-term delight,
and bringing sorrow to the people
who we are supposed to love and like..?

But how often do I see
people dancing around me,
dancing, their eyes mesmerized
with eyes wide shut, focused, hypnotized
to the crawings of their own selfish mind
to that fiery ring of emotions,
focused to center of that carousell..
going round and round and round
misleading is their own mind
seeing only but them self

people looking to sin with an open grin!
In search for a moment of short lasting pleasure
while dismissing a much more greater treasure,
while victimizing others
with pain and displeasure
in seek of their own selfish treasure..

Again, again and again..

round and round, in that carousell
damaged ones causing for the next,
that same uncomfort, loss of their own sight
looking for "fools gold", causing blindness
hiding that real golden treasure
from their own and others sight

many keep running in circles
back to what brought that pain
to get another taste of that bitter sweet wine
only to get back, locked to their own minds cell
keeping them selfs locked in that dark cellar
and still having the key in their hands!

to only to taste again of that bitter-sweet wine
..that what is, so short lasting thrill;

though every one of them knows!

They have the key to that cell!

And before they do drink again
from that bottomless well
that when the bottles are empty again
the time to pay always comes
but still they drink too much of that wine
though they know of that morning hangover
witch most certainly comes!

though pleasures indeed are deceitfull
in their hearts they know what they are

And every hangover more painfull
then that of the previous one..

but still they don't jump of that carousell
though it only takes one step!

And with that headache, next morning:
Yes it is there for a reason, be thankfull of that!
For it it grants a a chance to learn!

To ask your self an important question:
To drink from that same cup again?
To suffer even more tomorrow..?
Or to wake up and climb out from that well?

Lessons of life are meant to make you think:
Do I REALLY want this again?

Do you REALLY want go blindly and suffer,
when you are offered the chance to get well?

To reach up for your mind
learn from lessons of life
or do that again and numb your heart still again?

For we are all the same
Life is not always fare and the same
but we are given the power to choose!

We all have the ability to reach out and ask!
We all are given the chance to choose!

From there your self, you can teach!
Just ask for help, and reach!

You see,

mistakes are meant NOT for suffering
so there is NO need for yearning

Mistakes; the lessons of life,
they are meant for LEARNING!

Life: like in the movie Matrix;

You decide!

weather you live in a lie..
make your OWN decisions
and repeat them until you die..

or you can run towards light
like another movies quote says:

My advice:
Learn and think,
but most importantly:
Do go and seek!

-Not worth going in circles
-Not repeting the same things

Time is too short for living in a lie,
walking, being blind..

But again.. I'm only human
I cannot help you.. is all up to you..

You decide.



Todella hyvä, jos teet musiikkia niin täs on biisi ainesta :)


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