How to Resist a Fierce Young Kiss

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Liittynyt: 19.2.2007

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He sits on my sofa, close to the edge.
Fingers crossed over his denim covered knees,
swings his body slowly back and forth,
so nervous, that poor thing. And it was
his idea in the first place, not mine,
to share the evening here, just the two.
He wants no beverage, food, no –
just wants to talk. About what?
This I don't know, until – shyly –
he opens his mouth, says, he has been
thinking of me. Why? Howcome?
I am this much older than he, what could he,
possible, want of me – oh, I see.
I get it now, no need to explain.
See, – I sit next to him and he blushes –
I understand that, you're young, stupid,
you don’t know better. But I do, it's
not worth it, trust me, you'd get hurt.
He says no, it has nothing to do with
love, or those things, no, just physical.
He wouldn’t care for any heartbreaks.
But I would, and oh, I can't believe
you're only seventeen! Why, he asks,
What does it matter? My dearest, clueless,
so young you are, so sensitive – delicious,
to think! the things I could do to that heart –
to pierce it through and through just like
your lips, so wonderfully red and swollen of
excited, passionate kissing. I would so
I could taste them, rather than this awkward
silence, penetrating this whole room and us inside it.
He looks up, eyes fierce and focused – scared,
asks, this is what you'd aim for, what you'd try?
To break my heart, you'd care for nothing more?
Oh, I'd want to, even if I know it's bad enough,
but dear sweet lovely, you're the kind of one,
that adventure everybody wants always to
explore, and play with, maybe, teach you some
about the world. Hey, see, now, at least I'm here
to warn you before you get too close and burn.
Not all us women care to instruct the new ones so.
Laughter, then, and silence once again. That smile,
so captivating, breath-taking, how can I resist.
I warned, if he chooses not to hear it, not so much
my fault. I grab him by the collar, kiss him, and
here we go. Who cares about tomorrow, all I know,
is your kiss upon my lips, so hard and bold.

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