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Liittynyt: 27.8.2006

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Why do we kill people who kill people to show people that killing people is wrong?

I loved you.
Maybe I still do?

Why did we lost it all?

Maybe we didnt have anything afterall?

I was blinded by the love.

Was it love?

What is love really?

Is there such a thing as love,
Or just nature instincts,
thats forces you to be with somebody?

You said you don't care me anymore,
That you haven't care bout me in a long time.
Was that true?
Forbidden love you sweared me God knows how many times.

You said you will never leave me.

You said you will never hurt me.

But you did both.

Big time.

So long I was lost.

Finally, I started to get over you.
I tought, maybe, just maybe I can find love again?
Then, I did, I found new love.

Or again, so i tought.

I was again so happy.
I was in heaven.

Again it felt, nothing can separate us ever.

But, once again, i got goofed.

This time, I got even cheated on.
I wasn't good enough for you?
Who knows.

Maybe it just was what everyone kept telling;

You two just weren't worth of me?

But. I miss you both. I would have died for you.
Now I have got over both of you,
I dont feel breaking apart anymore.

I have lost piece of my soul.

And not just so small piece.

Is there anything to heal my scars so deep.

My torn heart.


Maybe there is.

Seems like im falling a love again.


What if I get hurt again.....

How many critical hits can one heart take?

I'm so lost.

Jepjep. Tämmönen yöraapustus elämästä. <i> "I don't believe that justice wins. I don't believe in selfdefence. I don't believe in fairytales. I don't believe in you." <i />

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