Never gone

Runoilija KingOfFools

Liittynyt: 8.6.2006

Asuinpaikka: -

T's ameething wasomerlup ss th...ys eo

It's late again and I'm awake, like always.
I start wondering the past in many ways.
It's like one moment you're there, the next gone.
I didn't have a chance to say anything, it was done.

I wish I could have said something.
or made sure you'd know everything.
You'll always be here, though not seen.
Your in my heart, like you've always been.
I know we're gonna meet again, for sure.
'cause there's this connection between us, with no cure.
Someday, you'll just walk to me and settle the score.
and everything will be just like before.
Thing's like this don't go by with years.

they'll be counted by the amount of tears.
The feeling I have inside is not fear.
but for this temporarely break, I set a tear.
Until we meet again my dearest
I wish you all the best...<3


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