The Meaning Of Love

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Liittynyt: 15.4.2014

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24 Vuotias nuorimies, joka kirjoittaa runoja ja tekstejä. Inspiraattoreina Leonard Cohen,Ville Valo, Bruce Springsteen,Tom Waits ja Eino Leino.

Shall i put these lips
Like this
Would you kiss
Just for love

Shall i touch to your hips
Like this
Would you go to the bliss
Just because of touch

Shall we sleep in bed
Because deep in your thoughts
That is in your head
Seeing me as a lord of that desireful sex
Roast with that jazz and soul, with bless
To emphasize me, in my role
To get that goal, because of love
Which can be soft, Which can be rough
I hope you never get enough

I will be your slave, If you want me to
I will be your man, If you let me
I will be your loving couple, If you get me
I will be your soulmate, If you meet me
I will be your biggest vision, If you see me
I will be your trigger with a white bullet
If you squeeze from the air, where the air is thick
What makes me might, And Where the light
Is nowhere to be seen, where I bless, in among of all those
Another Things, that`s makes you my queen

Lay me down, in the bed roses
Undress me with your gestures
Of willing to make love with me
Like its leaving the mark in sexual history
Darling, be soft, be rough, be anything you ever you want
And Show me the meaning of love


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