This time

Runoilija Venus

Liittynyt: 24.7.2010

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Rakkaus on elämää, sitä ei voi unohtaa

It's not important.
I know what is.
There is just this deep and empty hole.
Deep down.

You'd never be able to tell,
You'll never be able to fix it.
It's too late!
Just walk away!

That's all you've ever done,
that's all you'll ever do.
I'm so over.
You are nothing but the past.

Just like a leaf in the wind
who just flows around.
Never stays in one spot.
At least not for too long.

Go ahead.
Just leave.
You've done it a million times.

I'm so over for this.
I'm done.
This is it.
It's true.

You are not a mother.
You are just a druggie.
All the lies.
All the secrets.

All was kept from me.
Yes you "changed"
That was the best lie!
I was stupid to believe you.

But you know what.
This time,
was the last time.
This time.

You are out of my life,
I wont let you back in.
This time.
You are just apart of my field up past!

This time.
I mean it!
This time.
You are not my blood.
This time,


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