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Liittynyt: 1.9.2005

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Sure we can look back and think and think again
However, time never stops
Time is like a train moving so fast I can't get in

I must hold on to what is possible
I will not wait for the next train to come. Because there aren't any
I will not turn myself into something I'm not

Although there are some who treat us wrong, we know what's real and it makes us strong
We aren't sorry for not giving you what you want
We are sorry for seeing the truth
Knowing how you feel inside and still putting the pain aside
Somehow makes it cruel

The innocence is fake
The attraction is fake
The whole thing is nothing but a fake

So what stops them for making it real?

Tämä on omistettu kaikille niille kusipäille, jotka leikkii toisten tunteilla <3<33 AI LAV JUU!!!!!!!

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