Deep, underneath, in the corridor of my mind

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Liittynyt: 10.1.2012

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Runonpätkää ilmenee aina sillon tällöin ja voisin ne jakaa sitten koko maailmalle.
Oma kohtaisista kokemuksista ja tunteista koostuu meikäläisen sanavarastot.

Positive negative what ever you want.
I'm just trying to help,
but it's starting to feel like a hunt..

Is it me, or are some people just lost forever?
Anything I say matters to know one,
i shouldn't have open my mouth then, never...

I feel the sunshine on my face, as they smile
It gives me the feeling of success!
but, am i some kinda of ace? Well, it's worth while.

i want to smile, but why does the tears come?
i want to cry, but still i'm smiling? no anger...?
This is something that no one should know under the bright sun,
or have to go over, ever..

It's something horrible..

doing this, doing that... I don't care, (maybe i do?)
it's life, you see.

I'm no good person, i have secrets to bare.
but this, is me.

© Asta

[Wednesday, December 1, 2010] Pohdiskelin asioita, tuntemuksia ihmisiä kohtaan..

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