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Liittynyt: 5.6.2004
Viimeksi paikalla: 12.5.2021 23:47

Asuinpaikka: Salla

a mind is like a parachute.
it doesn`t work, if it´s not open.


eeeh, where am I ?
what is this?


my name is mud, pthyi

I am fury
I am your fear
I ´m a sort of rumours you apparently hear

I am fire
I am steel
I´m an all in move on your feels

I  raise rage
I  start fires
I´m a some kind of menace, a monster to hire...

     send me your wish
     or send me your fear
     and I will guarantee ; I can make Your World

You are mob
You´re under control
kind of stunned to wait for the fall

You the glass to break
You the fire to burn
to wake the dying embers from the urn

You are beautiful
You´re the word
to start the Fire to all the earth...

     send me your letters
     and send me your hate
     don´t try to convince me ; You are the one
     to concieve your fate

We are the legion
We are of that Will
standing our ground, ready to kill
We will not shine
We will just breed
we storm the land to take what we need

We are the last ones
nearly forgotten race
stupid enough to blow whole planet into space

       and we send you some them bones
       the fragments of life gone by
       fleeing in the shades of Apocalypse; look at them now
       don´t be shy

 I am fire
I am fury
  I am the free will...




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