Runoilija Kirottu

Liittynyt: 19.6.2003
Viimeksi paikalla: 22.4.2021 11:55

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Hymy hymystä, kohteliaisuus kohteliaisuudesta ja kaunis sana kauniista sanasta. Joskus pitää vain itse sysätä alkuun hyvä päivä.

Misery is mine again
how will I survive longer
When the pain is higher
than ever it was going to be
How could I let go
if I don't wanna miss
So I just sit in a corner
thinking what I should do
or should I do nothing
So many questions
and none of them has a answer
I have only beautiful memories
inside of my mind
How they feel so real
making me thinking
How long your life was
and how you enjoyed in life
and that makes me sad
You're gone forever
and I have memories left
Rest In Peace

No one in my family has died. But someday it will happen. This is for that day. Life is so beautiful and fragile thing..

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