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Liittynyt: 23.2.2017
Viimeksi paikalla: 27.3.2020 16:53

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Absurd - Mourning soul

My days are grey like dirty snow
A Fire's burning in my soul
Why should I live - love dying in my pain
My death is reapers gain

In solitude I cannot tell
just of my deepest sorrow
All time that's left is freezing me
I'm waiting for tomorrow

The fire in my mourning soul
Burns all my feelings to the ground
and all my hope has gone away
I simply will decay

Of war in mind I ran away
The chaos lies behind me
but a desert plains, where I can see -
the golden bright sun blinds me

No strength, no help to break this spell
This curse that grinds me down
my mortal life runs out of me
I'm dying on my own